Jeppe Lauge

Jeppe Lauge (born in east Jutland in 1980) is a Danish artist, living and working in Denmark. He studied at Århus kunsthøjskole and Ærø kunsthøjskole in Denmark before moving to Amsterdam in 2008 where he graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy (fine arts).

Since his first solo show in 2007 at Machwerket in Århussind, his work has been regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions in Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Germany. In 2019, he co-exhibited at the OSTRALE Biennale in Dresden. His work has been purchased by the DELA Art Collection, among others.


Dualism reigns in Jeppe Lauge’s paintings. Pasto applied layered oil paint forms a naturalistic as well as an abstract image of a landscape. Lauge achieves the special effect of his mostly large-format paintings through a systematic layering of oil paints. On one hand there is a concrete composition on the canvas, which is build with artistic precision and forms a forest or the foliage of a plant or a spider’s web in a tree. The contrasting strictly geometric and precisely measured surfaces on the other hand overlay this image. Both layers together create the impression of a synthesized  landscape.

The paintings are not intended to be portraits of an untouched world, they are more about how mankind forms its surroundings and how that impacts the physical and emotional state vice versa. Lauge’s paintings show the interaction between environment influencing mankind and environment being influenced by mankind. Thus, Jeppe Lauge’s art is not just about a romantic or aesthetic cultivation of the sublimity of nature, but about a mediated nature in which realism and geometric abstractions interact to form a whole new composition.

The work of Jeppe Lauge also engages and references to the art-historical and cultural debate on our perception of reality and our view on the world. Landscapes are interspersed with disturbances, optically interrupted and naturalness is transformed into the fractal. For Jeppe Lauge the world as we see it relates to the surroundings we are in, which makes us feel in a certain way determining our individual perception of reality. We look at our environment through a filter of our cultural backgrounds.

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When I see a landscape, I see a complex picture, a shaped space to which we added layers over time. In my work I’m always searching for ways to excavate the layers in order to know how to relate to it.


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